by Harry and the Potters

Release date: June 21, 2019

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Lumos is Harry and the Potters’ first full-length album since 2006’s Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love. Using the magic of rock and roll, it chronicles the events of the 7th and final Harry Potter book where J.K. Rowling’s teen wizard and his friends are on the run from a xenophobic, authoritarian regime and must work diligently to take down a dark wizard who capitalizes on fear and emboldens supremacist wizards.

Lumos is an album for this political moment. For the parents raising a younger generation reading these books for the first time, it’s an opportunity to connect the dots: the systems facilitating oppression in the wizard world – state-run media, children being separated from their mixed-blood parents, surveillance systems, and pureblood supremacy – strongly echo the daily reality of creeping neo-fascism. For the generation of Harry Potter fans that has grown up into a world where cartoonish villains occupy the halls of power, it’s a reminder that there is a pathway forward. Now is the time for Dumbledore’s Army, for the Order of the Phoenix. We are being called upon to become the heroes that this moment necessitates.

Album Credits:

Harry and the Potters are Paul and Joe DeGeorge.

All songs written by Paul and Joe DeGeorge except

“Where’s Ron” written by Paul and Joe DeGeorge and Bradley Mehlenbacher

“Lumos” contains an excerpt from Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, December 10, 1986

Paul DeGeorge: vocals, guitar, baritone saxophone

Joe DeGeorge: vocals, piano, organ, synthesizers, saxophones, accordion, some guitar and bass

Bradley Mehlenbacher: drums, auxiliary percussion, backing vocals on tracks 4, 5, 10, and 11, banjo on track 9

Kimya Dawson: vocals on track 10

Zach Burba: bass on track 6

Tony Goddess: bass on tracks 7 and 16

Andrew Huang: dragon synthesis on track 13

Also appearing on “The Stone”:

Ernie Kim, Jacob Nathan, Bradley Mehlenbacher, Jason Anderson, Zach Burba, Mike Harpring, Rosie Richeson, Phil Dickey, Andrew MacLeay, Hannah Novaria, Jimmy Kleiner, Brian Ross, Lauren Fairweather, Matt Maggiacomo, Rory Maggiacomo, Sarah Mehlenbacher, Stephanie Anderson, Myles Kane, Acacia Ludwig, Melissa Anelli, Jackson Bird, Alora Lanzillotta, Zoey Lanzillotta, Neil Cicierega, Claudia Morales, Marty Allen, Dan Brennan, Victoria Ruiz, Joey DeFrancesco, Mary Regalado, Adam Goren, Ruby Goren, Ginger Alford, Nathan Stephens Griffin, Hank Green, Katherine Green, Dawn Riddle, Nicole Georges, Dave Roman, Alec Longstreth, Joy Lambert, Chris Baker, Lily Baker, Martin Johansson, Elin Johansson, Vera Johansson, Elin Andersson, Emma Jonsson, Erik Melin, Malin Eriksson, Grace Bentley, Essa Bowser, Andrew Huang, Erin Birgy, Erin Wilson, Amy Snow, Neil Olstad, Bryan Atchison, Taleen Agulian, Mike Gleeson, Tigran Gleeson, Viken Gleeson, Katie Alice Greer, Daniele Daniele, G.L. Jaguar, Oliver Finn Holloway, and Lucia Edwards

Recorded July 9-15, 2018 at Bang-a-Song Studios in Gloucester, MA

Mixed Oct 11, 12, and 16, 2018 at Bang-a-Song Studios

Parts of “The Stone” and “Hermione’s Army” were recorded at the Providence Public Library and AS220 in Providence, RI

Kimya Dawson’s vocal on “Where’s Ron” was recorded at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, KS

Engineered and mixed by Warren Babson and Tony Goddess

Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

Layout by Paul DeGeorge

Lettering by Camille Caparas

Artwork by Dan McCarthy

Thank you to all who have come to a show, booked a show, bought a record, or supported us in any way over the past 15+ years. We are truly grateful and feel so privileged to make and share this album with you. Thank you also to J.K. Rowling.