Priori Incantatem

by Harry and the Potters

Released May 22, 2009

The recordings on these discs span nearly 7 years of Harry and the Potters recording history! Nine of these tracks were previously released, either on compilations or on our two out-of-print 7-inches. The rest of the songs on the disc were recorded at various points over the last 7 years. A few of them were left off previous albums and a few (tracks 10-12) were recorded just for this disc! So there’s some new stuff, some old stuff, some rare stuff, and some weird stuff. All-in-all, it’s a pretty fun listen.

Harry and the Potters are: Paul and Joe DeGeorge

Ernie Kim - drums on tracks 3-5, and 7-9, bass on 3-5, backing vocals on 3,5 and 21.
Brad Mehelenbacher - drums on tracks 11 and 12
Jacob Nathan - drums on track 6

Disc 1 mastered by Dan Brennan
Artwork by: Dan McCarthy, Georg Pedersen, and Meredith Moore. Design and Layout by Paul DeGeorge.

“Priori Incantatem” was released in May 2009 as a 2CD set. The second disc – a collection of demos spanning our career – was only available as part of the 2CD set.

CD pressing: 1000 copies, SOLD OUT

Available for purchase digitally.