This is a list of every show we’ve played as a band. Updated annually.


12/16/18 Yule Ball Boston: Middle East Downstairs

12/15/18 Yule Ball NYC: Bell House

12/14/18 Yule Ball DC: Black Cat

12/13/18 Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, PA

12/08/18 20 Monroe Live, Grand Rapids, MI

10/28/18 The Mercury Café, Denver, CO

10/27/18 Strings Music Festival, Steamboat Springs, CO

10/26/18 Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO

10/14/18 Dorchester Arts Project, Dorchester, MA

09/02/18 Decatur Book Festival, Decatur Recreation Center, Decatur, GA

09/01/18 Geeksboro Battle Pub, Greensboro, NC

09/01/18 Geeksboro Battle Pub, Greensboro, NC

08/12/18 Prophet Bar, Dallas, TX

08/10/18 LeakyCon 2018, Dallas, TX

08/08/18 MCL Grand Performance Hall, Lewisville, TX

08/07/18 Oklahoma City Downtown Library, Oklahoma City, OK

08/06/18 White Schoolhouse, Lawrence, KS

08/05/18 Johnston Public Library, Johnston, IA

08/04/18 W. Dale Clark Library, Omaha, NE

07/22/18 Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

07/22/18 Book & Bar, Portsmouth, NH

07/21/18 M.A.G.I.C.con, Greylock Glen, Adams, MA

03/31/18 Malfoy Manor, Woonsocket, RI

02/01/18 Abe and Jake's Landing, Lawrence KS


12/17/17      Yule Ball Boston: The Middle East Downstairs

12/16/17      Yule Ball Brooklyn: The Bell House

12/15/17      Yule Ball DC: The Black Cat

09/01/17      LeakyCon Dublin

06/18/17      Mount Greylock, Adams, MA

05/04/17      Blackstone Public Library, Blackstone, MA

02/25/17      NerdCon: Nerdfighteria, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA


12/18/16      Yule Ball, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/16/16      Yule Ball, Black Cat, Washington, DC

12/15/16      Yule Ball, Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

11/26/16      The Snow Ball, Teviot House, Edinburgh, Scotland

11/12/16      Salt Lake City Public Library, UT

11/11/16      Orem High School, Orem, UT

11/11/16      Orem Public Libray, Orem, UT

10/21/16      LeakyCon, Burbank, CA

10/16/16      Katie's Backyard, Richfield, MN

10/14/16      NerdCon: Stories, Minneapolis Convention Center

09/20/16      Franklin Science Institute, Philadelphia, PA

08/13/16      Foo Fest, Providence, RI

07/30/16      Cursed Child Release Party at GeekyCon, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

07/29/16      GeekyCon, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

07/28/16      Snitch By Snitchwich, Hyatt Regency, Orlando, FL

07/27/16      The Crowbar, Tampa, FL

07/26/16      Orange County Library, Orlando, FL

07/25/16      Bread and Roses Coop, Tallahassee, FL

07/09/16      Skjul Fyre Sex, Göteborg. Sweden

07/03/16      Gula Villan, Handen, Sweden

07/01/16      Multicon, Sollentuna, Sweden

05/31/16      Private School gig at Kenyon College, OH

05/29/16      The Marquis Theater, Denver, CO

05/28/16      Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT

05/26/16      Irenic, San Diego, CA

05/25/16      The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA

05/24/16      Slims, San Francisco, CA

05/23/16      Slims, San Francisco, CA

05/22/16      Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

05/21/16      Rialto Theater, Tucson, AZ

05/20/16      Mesa Music Hall, El Paso, TX

05/19/16      Ironwood Hall, Austin, TX

05/18/16      Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, TX

05/17/16      The Door, Dallas, TX

05/16/16      Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS

04/23/16      Culture Shock, SUNY Purchase, Purchase, NY

04/21/16      Eris Temple Arts, Philadelphia, PA

04/20/16      Most Wanted Fine Art, Pittsburgh, PA

04/19/16      the Sco, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH

04/18/16      Pulp at the Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

04/17/16      US Quidditch Cup, Columbia, SC

04/15/16      Greenville, NC

04/14/16      Black Cat Backroom, Washington, DC

04/13/16      73 See Gallery, Montclair, NJ

02/28/16      Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, KS

02/27/16      Kansas State, Manhattan, KS


12/20/15      Middle East, Cambridge, MA

12/19/15      Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

12/06/15      Geeksboro, Greensboro, NC

12/06/15      Geeksboro, Greensboro, NC

12/05/15      Geeksboro, Greensboro, NC

10/17/15      Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA

10/11/15      4509 Vincent Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

10/09/15      NerdCon, Minneapolis MN

07/31/15      GeekyCon

07/28/15      Bread and Roses Food Coop, Tallahassee, FL

07/27/15      Mojo Books and Music, Tampa, FL

06/28/15      Östersund - Tingshuset

06/26/15      Stockholm - MultiCon - Arena Satelliten i Sollentuna

06/24/15      Göteborg - Skjul Fyra Sex

06/23/15      Malmö - Arena 305

06/22/15      Linköping - Elsas Hus

06/20/15      Malmö - Moriska Paviljonen

04/26/15      Gramercy Theater, NYC, NY

04/25/15      The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

04/24/15      The Black Cat, Washington, DC

04/22/15      Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA

04/21/15      Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

04/20/15      Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

04/19/15      Majestic Theater, Detroit, MI

04/18/15      The Metro, Chicago, IL

04/16/15      Modern Cult Records, Louisville, KY

04/15/15      Ace of Cups, Columbus, OH

04/14/15      The 'Sco, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH

04/13/15      Pulp at the Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

04/12/15      The Geen Bean, Greensboro, NC

04/11/15      Quidditch World Cup, Rock Hill, SC

04/10/15      Cary Theater, Cary, NC


12/21/14      Yule Ball NYC, Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

12/20/14      Yule Ball Boston, Middle East, Cambridge, MA

12/11/14      Bryn Mawr University, Bryn Mawr, PA

10/17/14      Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA

10/09/14      Rock ComicCon, Webster Hall, NYC

08/22/14      town Square, Bridgeport, CT

08/01/14      LeakyCon, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

07/09/14      Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

07/08/14      Vedauwoo, Wy

07/07/14      the Complex, Salt Lake City, CO

07/06/14      the Crux, Boise, ID

07/03/14      IPRC, Portland, OR

07/03/14      Analog Theater, Portland, OR

07/02/14      WOW Hall, Eugene, OR

07/01/14      Slim's, San Francisco, CA

06/30/14      Glass House, Pomona, CA

06/28/14      VidCon, Anaheim, CA

06/22/14      PIX Fest, Spencer, IN

05/16/14      Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

05/14/14      Lola's Room, Portland, OR

04/06/14      Quidditch World Cup VII, North Myrtle Beach, SC


12/22/13      Yule Ball IX, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/21/13      Yule Ball, Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

11/07/13      University of Florida

08/22/13      Folkets Hus i Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden

08/21/13      Elsas Hus, Linköping, Sweden

08/20/13      Skirket, Göteborg, Sweden

08/18/13      New Cross Inn, London, UK

08/17/13      Arlington House, Durham, UK

08/16/13      Plan B Books, Glasgow, UK

08/15/13      Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK

08/14/13      Cafe Kho, Bristol, UK

08/13/13      Cavern Club, Exeter, UK

08/09/13      LeakyCon London

06/27/13      LeakyCon, Portland, OR

06/25/13      Brick and Mortar, San Francisco, CA

06/24/13      Biko Garage, Isla Vista, CA

06/23/13      Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ

06/23/13      Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ

06/22/13      Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix, AZ

06/22/13      Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

06/21/13      LA Fort, Los Angeles, CA

06/20/13      The Burrow, Gilroy, CA

06/19/13      Holland Project, Reno, NV

06/18/13      Wandering Goat, Eugene, OR

06/17/13      Northern, Olympia, WA

06/16/13      Gathering of the Goofpunx, Red and Black Cafe, Portland, OR

06/15/13      Vera Project, Seattle, WA

06/03/13      Clearview Library, Windsor, CO

06/02/13      Stairway to Nowhere, Commons Park, Denver, CO

06/01/13      Denver ComicCon, Hard Rock Cafe, Denver, CO

04/16/13      Venture Compound, St. Petersburg, FL

04/15/13      Goomba Ranch, Miami, FL

04/13/13      Quidditch World Cup VI, Kissimmee, FL

04/12/13      Epic Problem, Tampa, FL

04/11/13      the Shark Tank, Tallahassee, FL

02/19/13      Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY

02/18/13      the Black Cat, Washington, DC

02/17/13      the Barbary, Philadelphia, PA

02/16/13      Roboto Project, Pittsburgh, PA

02/15/13      Swerp Mansion, Chicago, IL

02/14/13      Rachael's Café - Bloomington, IN

02/13/13      Biliken Club, St. Louis University, STL

02/12/13      the DAAC, Grand Rapids, MI

02/11/13      Columbus, OH, Ace of Cups

02/10/13      The Sco, Oberlin College

02/09/13      Ithaca College


12/17/12      Yule Ball Boston, Mid East

12/16/12      Yule Ball Brooklyn, Bell House

12/01/12      Snow Ball, Edinburgh, UK

11/04/12      Youmaco, Detroit, MI

08/18/12      the Middle East, Boston, MA

08/15/12      the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY

08/14/12      Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

08/13/12      the Black Cat, Washington, DC

08/12/12      Indianapolis Public Library

08/10/12      LeakyCon, Chicago, IL

08/08/12      the Beat kitchen, Chicago, IL

08/07/12      Triple Rock, Minneapolis

08/06/12      the Slowdown, Omaha, NE

08/05/12      Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS

08/04/12      the Mercury Café, Denver, CO

08/03/12      Kilby Court, SLC, UT

08/02/12      the Crux, Boise, ID

07/31/12      Vera Project, Seattle, WA

07/31/12      Vera Project, Seattle, WA

07/30/12      Northern, Olympia, WA

07/29/12      Backspace, Portland, OR

07/27/12      Holland, Reno, NV

07/26/12      Slim's San Francisco, CA

07/25/12      the Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA

07/24/12      BIKO Garage, Santa Barbara, CA

07/23/12      Troubadour

07/22/12      UC Irvine

07/21/12      Che Café

07/20/12      South Mountain Community College Library, Phoenix, AZ

07/19/12      Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ

07/18/12      Prescott, AZ

06/29/12      Eliot Tower, Blue Hills, Milton, MA

06/22/12      Plan-it-X Fest, Bloomington, IN

04/21/12      Endicott College, Beverly, MA

04/14/12      Cornell University

04/12/12      The Sco, Oberlin College

04/10/12      Rachael's Café - Bloomington, IN

04/09/12      Chestnut House - Louisville, KY

04/08/12      University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

04/07/12      Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN

04/06/12      the Spaceship - Chicago, IL

04/05/12      the Waiting Room - Omaha, NE

04/04/12      FOKL - Kansas City, KS

04/03/12      The Scene-Ary - Tulsa, OK

04/02/12      Mohawk - Austin, TX

04/01/12      Prophet Bar - Dallas, TX

03/31/12      Eclipse - Tulsa, OK

03/29/12      Wonder Fair - Lawrence, KS

03/28/12      Robberson Elementary - Springfield, MO

03/27/12      Firebird - St. Louis, MO

03/25/12      Neutral Zone - Ann Arbor

03/24/12      Grog Shop - Cleveland

03/23/12      Garfield Artworks - Pittsburgh

03/22/12      the Marvelous - Philadelphia


12/18/11      Yule Ball Boston, The Middle East Downstairs

12/17/11      Yule Ball Brooklyn, The Bell House

12/10/11      Yule Ball Philly, First Unitarian Church

12/09/11      Yule Ball DC, St. Stephen’s Church

11/13/11      Quidditch World Cup, Randall's Island, NYC

11/05/11      Bennington College, Bennington, VT

11/04/11      Mt. Holyoke, South Hadley, MA

11/02/11      the Old Foundry, Bellingham, WA

10/31/11      Backspace, Portland, OR

10/30/11      Vera Project, Seattle, WA

10/29/11      Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

10/08/11      Occupy Boston, Dewey Square, Boston, MA

07/31/11      the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY

07/30/11      Bookspace, Philadelphia, PA

07/29/11      Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

07/28/11      Chicopee, MA, Chicopee Public Library

07/19/11      DC, District of Columbia Public Library - MLK Central Library

07/18/11      Durham, NC, Casbah (sponsored by the Durham Co. Library)

07/17/11      Gainesville, FL, Alachua Count Library District - Headquarters Library

07/17/11      Savannah, GA - 1417 Jefferson St.

07/15/11      LeakyCon, Orlando, FL

07/12/11      Clearwater, FL,  Clearwater Public Library - Main Library

07/12/11      Tampa, FL, Transitions Art Gallery

07/11/11      Orlando, FL, Orlando Public Library

07/10/11      Decatur, GA, Little Shop of Stories

07/10/11      Atlanta, GA, Magnetic Theatre

07/09/11      Nashville, TN, Nashville Public Library - Main Library

07/09/11      Murfreesboro, TN, Fortress of Solid Dudes

07/08/11      Columbus, OH, Worthington Northwest Library

07/07/11      Chicago, IL, Lincoln Square

07/06/11      Minneapolis, MN, Triple Rock Social Club

07/05/11      Des Moines, IA, Des Moines Public Library - Central Library

07/04/11      Lawrence, KS, Replay Lounge

07/03/11      KC, MO, Kansas City Public Library - Central Library

07/02/11      Omaha NE, Omaha Public Library - W Dale Clark Main Library

07/01/11      Boulder, CO, Boulder Public Library

06/30/11      Denver, CO, Denver Public Library - Central Library

06/29/11      Salt Lake City, UT, Salt Lake City Public Library - Main Library

06/28/11      Missoula, MT, Missoula Public Library

06/27/11      Spokane, WA, A Club

06/26/11      Yakima, WA, Performance Park

06/25/11      Olympia, WA, Olympia Public Library

06/24/11      Seattle, WA, Seattle Public Library - Central Library

06/23/11      Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Public Library - Central Library

06/22/11      Bellingham, WA, Mt. Baker Theatre (via Bellingham Public Library)

06/21/11      Backspace, Portland, OR

06/20/11      Portland, OR, Multnomah Co. Library - North Portland Branch

06/18/11      Sunnyvale, CA, Sunnyvale Public Library

06/18/11      Santa Cruz, CA, The Crepe Place

06/17/11      San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Public Library - Main Library

06/16/11      Berkeley, CA, The Long Haul

06/15/11      Mission Viejo, CA, City of Mission Viejo Library

06/14/11      Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles Public Library - Central Library

06/13/11      Santa Ana, CA, Santa Ana Public Library

06/12/11      San Diego, CA, Che Café

06/11/11      Tucson, AZ, Hotel Congress (sponored by Bookmans and the Tucson Public Library)

06/11/11      Tucson, AZ, Hotel Congress (sponored by Bookmans and the Tucson Public Library)

06/10/11      Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix Public Library - Central Library

06/09/11      Santa Fe, NM, Warehouse 21

06/08/11      Tulsa, OK, Tulsa City-County Library - Hardesty Regional Library

06/07/11      Roswell, NM, Roswell Public Library

06/06/11      Austin, TX, Mohawk

06/05/11      Houston, TX, Free Press Summerfest

06/04/11      Dallas, TX, Dallas Public Library - Pleasant Grove Branch

06/03/11      Fayetteville, AR, Fayetteville Public Library

06/02/11      St Louis, MO, St. Louis Public Library - Buder Branch

06/01/11      Louisville,KY, Louisville Free Public Library - Main Library

05/31/11      Indianapolis, IN, Indianapolis Marion County Public Library - Central Library

05/30/11      Cleveland, OH, Grog Shop

05/29/11      Pittsburgh, PA, Carnegie Library - Main Branch

05/28/11      Ann Arbor, MI, Neutral Zone (with Ann Arbor Library)

05/27/11      Toronto, ON, Eastminster United Church

05/26/11      Buffalo, NY, Sugar City

05/25/11      Rochester, NY, Phyllis Wheatley Library

05/21/11      College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

05/17/11      Portland, ME Public Library

05/07/11      Arlington Town Hall, Arlington, MA


12/19/10      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/18/10      Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

12/12/10      First Unitarian Church, Philly, Pa

12/04/10      Biblio Ball, Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

12/03/10      Alpha Delta Phi, Wesleyan University, Middleton, CT

11/15/10      R Bar, Manhattan, Leaky/Mugglenet premiere afterparty

11/13/10      Quidditch World Cup, NYC

10/16/10      Columbia University

10/15/10      Wilbraham-Monson Academy

10/11/10      WUML, Fallout Shelter, Lowell, MA

10/10/10      HPA 5th Anniversary, the Armory, Somerville, MA

09/25/10      Sleepover Shows, Somerville, MA

08/12/10      Rågsveds Nya Folkets Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

08/10/10      Musikhuset / Bergendahlska gården, Växjö, Sweden

08/09/10      Osram Culture Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

08/07/10      Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway

08/06/10      Lokal Sinnet, Gothenburg, Sweden

08/05/10      Bäsna Bygdegård, Bäsna, Sweden

08/04/10      Tingshuset, Östersund, Sweden

08/03/10      Øksendal Libris Bokhande, Trondheim, Norway

07/31/10      Generic Music Fest, Barre, MA

07/31/10      Diamond Junction Lanes, Palmer, MA

07/24/10      Friends of Esther, Quincy, MA

06/27/10      the Pavilion, Cork, Ireland

06/25/10      Vongelpark, Amsterdam

06/06/10      the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY

06/06/10      Incendio 2010, Hellertown, PA

06/05/10      the OX, Philadelphia, PA

06/04/10      the Space, Hamden, CT

05/28/10      Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

05/03/10      Clark University, Worcester, MA

04/01/10      Clark University, Worcester, MA

01/28/10      Mt. Holyoke, South Hadley, MA


12/20/09      Yule Ball 2009, Mid East, Cambridge, MA

11/07/09      Alfred University, Alfred, NY

11/01/09      City Museum, St. Louis, MO

10/31/09      Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL

10/24/09      North Star Café, Portland, ME

10/24/09      North Star Café, Portland, ME

10/02/09      Whitman Public Library, Whitman, MA

09/26/09      Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY

09/20/09      Start on the Street, Worcester, MA

09/01/09      Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge, MA

08/09/09      Distant Castle, Worcester, MA

07/14/09      Purgatory Chasm, Sutton, MA

07/12/09      Gore Place, Waltham, MA

07/11/09      the Space, Hamden, CT

06/21/09      First Unitarian Church, Philly, Pa

06/20/09      the Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

06/19/09      Oldham School, Norwood, MA

06/10/09      AS220, Providence, RI

06/09/09      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

06/06/09      Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

05/22/09      LeakyCon, Boston, MA

05/09/09      Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

02/21/09      Bard College

02/20/09      Williams College


12/21/08      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

08/06/08      Terminus, Chicago, IL

08/05/08      the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI

08/04/08      the Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH

08/03/08      Rhino's, Bloomington, IN

08/02/08      the Bluebird, STL, MO

08/01/08      Stan Mansion, Chicago, IL

07/31/08      Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN

07/30/08      the Slowdown, Omaha, NE

07/29/08      Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS

07/28/08      Hi-Dive, Denver, CO

07/27/08      Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

07/26/08      Kilby Court, SLC, UT

07/24/08      Ukraine Hall, Vancouver, BC

07/23/08      Neumo's, Seattle, WA

07/22/08      Capitol Theatre, Olympia, WA

07/21/08      Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR

07/19/08      Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA

07/18/08      Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA

07/17/08      the Troubador, Los Angeles, CA

07/16/08      the Glass House, Pomona, CA

07/13/08      Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ

07/12/08      Club Congress, Tucson, AZ

07/11/08      Studio Gallery, El Paso, TX

07/10/08      Mohawk, Austin, TX

07/09/08      Granada Theater, Dallas, TX

07/08/08      Walter's on Washington, Houston, TX

07/06/08      Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA

07/05/08      the Social - Orlando, FL

07/04/08      Crowbar, Tampa, FL

07/03/08      Common Grounds - Gainesville, FL

07/02/08      40 Watt, Athens, GA

07/01/08      Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC

06/30/08      the Black Cat, Washington, DC

06/29/08      First Unitarian Church, Philly, Pa

06/28/08      Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

06/27/08      the Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY

06/26/08      the Space, Portland, ME

06/25/08      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

06/13/08      Cunniff Elementary, Watertown, MA

06/01/08      Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

05/16/08      RISD, Providence, RI

05/10/08      New York Public Library, New York, NY

04/26/08      Somerville Theater, Cambridge, MA

04/25/08      Clark University, Worcester, MA

04/24/08      Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA

03/08/08      University of Alaska - Fairbanks

03/07/08      Anchorage Public Library, Anchorage, AK

03/07/08      Anchorage Public Library, Anchorage, AK

03/06/08      Anchorage, AK, 1566 Summit View St

03/02/08      Footlight Club, Jamaica Plain, MA

03/01/08      SUNY Purchase

02/29/08      Keene State, Keene, NH


12/31/07      First Night Boston, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

12/09/07      Yule Ball 2007, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/08/07      Brandeis University Yule Ball, Waltham, MA

09/15/07      Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY

08/19/07      Fenton High School, Bensenville, IL

08/18/07      Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

08/17/07      Springfield Public Library - Library Center, Springfield, MO

08/15/07      Kansas City Public Library, KC, MO

08/14/07      Boulder Bandshell, Boulder, CO

08/13/07      Laramie County Library in Cheyenne, Cheyenne, WY

08/12/07      Community Benefits, Boise, ID

08/11/07      Salt Lake City Public Library, SLC, UT

08/10/07      Denver Public Library, Denver, CO

08/09/07      Omaha Public Library - W, Dale Clark Library, Omaha, NE

08/08/07      Sertoma Park Shelter, Sioux falls, SD

08/07/07      Johnston Public Library, Johnston, IA

08/06/07      DeForest Area Performing Arts Center, DeForest, WI

08/05/07      the DAAC, Grand Rapids, MI

08/04/07      Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, CA

08/03/07      Prophecy, Toronto, CA

08/01/07      London Public Library - Central Library, London, ON

07/31/07      Ann Arbor District Library - Downtown Library, Ann Arbor, MI

07/30/07      St. Louis Public Library, STL, MO

07/29/07      Big Car Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

07/28/07      Clifton Center, Louisville, KY

07/27/07      Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH

07/26/07      Scottish Rite, Charlestown, WV

07/25/07      Cleveland Public Library - Lakeshore Facility, Cleveland, OH

07/24/07      Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo, NY

07/20/07      Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA

07/19/07      Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, Queens, NY

07/18/07      Starlight Ballroom, Philly, PA

07/17/07      Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago, IL

07/16/07      Pershing Park, Minneapolis, MN

07/13/07      Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

07/12/07      Olympia Public Library, Olympia, WA

07/11/07      Tacoma Armory, Tacoma, WA

07/10/07      Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR

07/09/07      Caterina Winery, Spokane, WA

07/08/07      Kirkland Teen Center, Kirkland, WA

07/07/07      Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC

07/06/07      Department of Safety, Anacortes, WA

07/05/07      Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, OR

07/04/07      Maitreya Ecovillage, Eugene, OR

07/03/07      Fremont Central Park, Fremont, CA

07/02/07      Palo Alto Public Library, Palo Alto, CA

07/01/07      Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, CA

06/30/07      Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA

06/29/07      Slim's, San Francisco, CA

06/28/07      Huntington Beach Central Park Amphitheater, Huntington Beach, CA

06/27/07      Mission Viejo Library, Mission Viejo, CA

06/26/07      Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, CA

06/25/07      El Cajon Branch - San Diego County Library, El Cajon, CA

06/24/07      Anaheim Public Library - East Anaheim Library, Anaheim, CA

06/23/07      Las Vegas-Clarke County Library-Sunrise Branch, Las Vegas, NV

06/23/07      Las Vegas-Clarke County Library-Sunrise Branch, Las Vegas, NV

06/22/07      Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

06/22/07      Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

06/21/07      Pima County Library - Joel D. Valdez Main Library, Tucson, AZ

06/19/07      South Broadway Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM

06/18/07      Mars Hill, El Paso, TX

06/17/07      Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX

06/16/07      RutaMaya, Austin, TX

06/15/07      Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX

06/14/07      Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton TX

06/13/07      Sooner Theater, Norman, OK

06/11/07      Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, AR

06/10/07      Memphis Public Library, Memphis, TN

06/09/07      St. Tammany Parish Library - Covington Branch, Covington, LA

06/08/07      Madison Square Center for the Arts, Madison, MS

06/07/07      University School, Nashville, TN

06/06/07      Zac's House, 3718 Battlefield Drive, Huntsville, AL

06/05/07      Gadsden Public Library, Gadsden, AL

06/04/07      First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

06/03/07      Raleigh Public Library-North Regional Library, Raleigh, NC

06/02/07      Rockville Public Library, Rockville, MD

06/01/07      Knitting Factory, NY, NY

05/29/07      Joe B's basement,  19 Elm St., Norwood, MA

05/18/07      Roadkill, Liverpool, UK

05/17/07      Rock City basement, Nottingham, UK

05/16/07      The Crispin, Northampton, UK

05/14/07      JAMM Brixton, London, UK

05/13/07      Guildford Youth Centre, Guildford, UK

05/12/07      Cavern Club, Exeter, UK

05/11/07      Urbis, Manchester, UK

05/11/07      Lancaster Library, Lancaster, UK

04/21/07      Philadelphia Free Public Library, Philly, PA

04/21/07      Toquet Hall, Westport, CT

04/20/07      Sugar Factory/Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY

04/17/07      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

03/10/07      Ukranian Federation, Montreal, QC

03/09/07      SAW Gallery, Ottawa, ON

03/08/07      Tranzac, Toronto, ON

03/07/07      North Hills CRC, Troy, MI

03/06/07      Webster University - STL, MO

03/05/07      Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL

03/04/07      Grog Shop - Cleveland, IL

03/03/07      A\V Club - Rochester, NY

03/02/07      Colgate University - Hamilton, NY

02/16/07      Happy Birthday Mike Lesley, Worcester, MA

02/16/07      That's Entertainment, Worcester, MA

02/15/07      Goddard Library basement, Clark University, Worcester, MA

01/26/07      Logan's Birthday, Cambridge, MA

01/24/07      Horace Mann School, Riverdale, NY

01/17/07      Great Scott - Allston, MA

01/14/07      Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

01/13/07      IOTA - Arlington, VA

01/13/07      American University - Washington, DC

01/12/07      108 Morris St, Durham, NC

01/11/07      New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC

01/10/07      Common Grounds - Gainesville, FL

01/09/07      California Club branch - Miami Public Library, Miami, CA

01/08/07      the Social - Orlando, FL

01/07/07      the Crowbar - Tampa, FL

01/06/07      Little Shop of Stories - Decatur, GA

01/06/07      Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

01/05/07      Spartanburg Public Library, Spartanburg, SC

01/04/07      Greensboro Public Library, Greensboro, NC

01/03/07      the nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC

01/02/07      Sonar - Baltimore, MD

01/01/07      Union Hall - Brooklyn, NY


12/10/06      Yule Ball, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/10/06      Yule Ball, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/02/06      Yule Ball, Starlight Ballroom, Philly, PA

10/26/06      Mt. Holyoke, South Hadley, MA

10/20/06      Stonehill College, Easton, MA

10/15/06      MassArt, Boston, MA

09/23/06      Club Europa, Brooklyn, NY

08/18/06      Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA

08/17/06      First Unitarian Church, Philly, Pa

08/16/06      Lakewood Park, Lakewood, OH

08/15/06      Southside Church, Lexington, KY

08/14/06      Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, STL, MO

08/13/06      Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, AR

08/12/06      Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX

08/12/06      the Metrognome, Ft. Worth, TX

08/11/06      Kicks Indoor Soccer Stadium, Houston, TX

08/10/06      Wooldridge Square Park, Austin, TX

08/09/06      Nicholson Memorial Library System, Garland, TX

08/08/06      Sooner Theater, Norman, OK

08/07/06      Kansas City Public Library, KC, MO

08/06/06      Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO

08/05/06      Denver Public Library, Denver, CO

08/04/06      Kilby Court, SLC, UT

08/03/06      Velour Live Music Gallery, Provo, UT

08/01/06      Haskett Library, Anaheim, CA

07/31/06      Poway Branch - San Diego County Library, Poway, CA

07/31/06      El Cajon Branch - San Diego County Library, El Cajon, CA

07/30/06      Aliso Viejo Public Library, Aliso Viejo, CA

07/29/06      Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, CA

07/29/06      Travis Auditorium @ Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA

07/28/06      Glen Avon Public Library, Riverside, CA

07/27/06      LUMOS 2006, Las Vegas, NV

07/26/06      Clark County Library, Las Vegas, NV

07/25/06      Amador Theater, Pleasanton, CA

07/24/06      Milpitas Public Library, Milpitas, CA

07/23/06      Rancho Cordova PL, Rancho Cordova, CA

07/22/06      San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA

07/20/06      In Other Words, Portland, OR

07/19/06      ACME, Portland, OR

07/18/06      Tacoma Public Library, Tacoma, WA

07/17/06      Hall of the Woods, Olympia, WA

07/16/06      Crossroads Bellevue, Bellevue, WA

07/16/06      826 Seattle, Seattle, WA

07/15/06      Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC

07/14/06      Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

07/14/06      Neil Fridd's House, Rochester, NY

07/13/06      the Shop, Spokane, WA

07/13/06      Rotary Pavilion, Presque Isle, Erie, PA

07/12/06      Parmly Billing Library, Billings, MT

07/12/06      Mac's Backs, Cleveland, OH

07/11/06      Fargo Public Library, Fargo, ND

07/11/06      Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI

07/10/06      Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, MN

07/10/06      Cat's House, Bloomington, IN

07/09/06      University Book Store at Hilldale, Madison, WI

07/09/06      Davenport Library, Davenport, IA

07/09/06      Moving Castle, Chicago, IL

07/08/06      Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL

07/08/06      Bedlam Theater, Minneapolis, MN

07/07/06      Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI

07/07/06      Cedar Rapids Public Library

07/06/06      Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main Library, Pittsburgh, PA

07/06/06      Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, KS

07/05/06      New York Public Library - Donnell Library Center, NY, NY

07/05/06      Knitting Factory, NY, NY

07/05/06      Salt WaterTaffy House, KC, MO

07/01/06      Randy Bacon Arts, Springfield, MO

06/30/06      Cincinnati Public Library, Norwood Branch, Cincinnati, OH

06/29/06      Most Wanted Fine Arts, Pittsburg, PA

06/23/06      Cambridge Public Library - Central Sq., Cambridge, MA

06/22/06      Studio Cinema, Belmont, MA

06/21/06      Springfield City Library, Springfield, MA

06/20/06      Peabody Institute Library, Peabody, MA

06/19/06      Tufts Library, Weymouth, MA

06/18/06      Duxbury Performing Arts Center, Duxbury, MA

06/14/06      Woonsocket Harris Public Library, Woonsocket, RI

05/21/06      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

05/20/06      AS220, Providence, RI

05/18/06      movie theater, Block Island, RI

05/17/06      World Café Live, Philly, PA

05/16/06      house show,  517 Miltown Rd, Wilmington, DE

05/15/06      Talking Head, Baltimore, MD

05/14/06      Northsix, Brooklyn, NY

05/13/06      Ocean County Library, Toms River, NJ

05/13/06      house show, 102 Haddon Place, Montclair, NJ

05/12/06      Fireball Island, Allentown, PA

05/11/06      Main Street Museum, White River Junction, VT

05/10/06      Town Hall, Exeter, NH

05/09/06      Portland Public Library, Portland, ME

05/02/06      Iron Horse, Northampton, MA

04/30/06      Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA

04/28/06      Higher Ground, Burlington, VT (SS#)

04/12/06      Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY

04/11/06      Student Center Rathskeller, Montclair State, Montclair, NJ

04/10/06      Champion Ship, Lemoyne, PA

04/09/06      Parmatown Mall, Parma, OH

04/08/06      WIUX's Culture Shock, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

04/07/06      the Tally, Ball State, Muncie, IN

04/06/06      YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, KY

04/05/06      Old Louisville Coffeehouse, Louisville, KY

04/04/06      Biliken Club, SLU, STL, MO

04/03/06      Blue Fugue, Columbia, MO

04/02/06      Jackpot Saloon, Lawrence, KS

04/01/06      Kansas City Public Library, KC, MO

03/31/06      Baright Public Library, Ralston, NE

03/30/06      North Liberty Public Library, North Liberty, IA

03/29/06      Hadley Middle School, Homer Glen, IL

03/29/06      Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago, IL

03/28/06      Evergreen Park High School, Evergreen Park, IL

03/28/06      Norris University Center - the Louis Room, Northwestern, Evanston, IL

03/27/06      Douglas Hall, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

03/25/06      Michigan League Underground, University of Mich,  Ann Arbor, MI

03/24/06      Falstaff's, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

03/15/06      First Unitarian Church, Philly, Pa

03/14/06      Artists Upstairs, Pittsburgh, PA

03/13/06      Barking Spider, Cleveland, OH

03/12/06      Beaumont YMCA, Lexington, KY

03/11/06      24/7 Teen Center, Ft. Campbell, KY

03/10/06      Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

03/09/06      40 Watt, Athens, GA

03/07/06      King's Barcade, Raleigh, NC

03/06/06      Twisted Tea, Charlottesville, VA

03/05/06      Talking Head, Baltimore, MD

03/04/06      Nyumburu Cultural Center, UMD, College Park, MD

03/03/06      Our Lady of Consolation Church, Brooklyn, NY

02/26/06      Edwards Auditorium, URI, Kingston, RI

02/23/06      New Britain Public Library, New Britain, CT

02/23/06      Playhouse on the Green, Bridgeport, CT

02/22/06      Mt. Kisco Public Library, Mt Kisco, NY

02/22/06      North Castle Public Library, Armonk, NY

02/19/06      Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

02/15/06      AS220, Providence, RI

01/14/06      Arts Exchange, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, MA


12/18/05      Yule Ball, Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

12/09/05      Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

11/21/05      the Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

11/19/05      Bookstore Gianotten, Tilburg, the Netherlands

11/18/05      Donner Books, Rotterdam, Netherlands

11/16/05      the Rotunda, University of Pennsylvnia, Philly, PA

11/15/05      Top Cats, Cincinnati, OH

11/14/05      Webster University, STL, MO

11/13/05      Dusty Bookshelf, Manhattan, KS

11/12/05      Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX

11/11/05      Blue Willow Books, Houston TX

11/10/05      Texas A&M Lunchbox, College Station, TX

11/10/05      A&M Lecture, College Station, TX

11/09/05      Austin Public Library - St. John Branch, Austin, TX

11/08/05      Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, Austin, TX

11/07/05      BookPeople, Austin, TX

11/06/05      Good Records, Dallas, TX

11/05/05      Denton Public Library, Denton, TX

11/05/05      Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton TX

11/04/05      Moore Public Library, Moore, OK

11/03/05      Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, AR

11/01/05      Marion Public Library, Marion, OH

10/31/05      Ozone, SUNY Oswego, NY

10/28/05      Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

10/22/05      Fort Seriously, Brooklyn, NY

10/20/05      Drew University, Madison, NJ

10/19/05      Epicenter, Portsmouth, Va

10/18/05      40 Watt, Athens, GA

10/17/05      Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA

10/16/05      the Cootie Hut, Florence, SC

10/15/05      Greensboro Public Library, Greensboro, NC

10/13/05      Nyumburu Cultural Center, UMD, College Park, MD

10/12/05      Mojo Room, Baltimore, MD

10/11/05      Red Lion Café, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

10/10/05      HP Alliance benefit, Jimmy Tingle Theater, Somerville, MA

10/07/05      the Witching Hour - Salem, MA

10/05/05      the Witching Hour - staff party - Salem, MA

10/02/05      Harvard Square Oktoberfest, Cambridge, MA

09/30/05      Belchertown High School, Belchertown, MA

09/24/05      QVCC - Worcester, MA

09/16/05      Mather House, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

09/11/05      JP World's Fair, JP, MA

09/09/05      Stoneham Elementary - Stoneham, MA

09/03/05      Alumni Lounge, Tufts University, Medford, MA

08/27/05      Milky Way, JP, MA

08/14/05      Norwood Theater, Norwood, MA

08/13/05      Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library, Shirley, NY

08/12/05      Free Library of Philadelphia, Philly, PA

08/11/05      Irwin Public Library, PA

08/10/05      the Brick House, Louisville, KY

08/09/05      St. Louis PL - Carpenter Branch, STL, MO

08/09/05      St. Louis PL - Schafly Branch, STL, MO

08/08/05      Topeka Public Library, Topeka, KS

08/08/05      Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, KS

08/07/05      Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, Broomfield, CO

08/06/05      Bemis Public Library, Littleton, CO

08/05/05      Boulder Public Library

08/04/05      house party, Provo, UT

08/03/05      Dana Point PL, Dana Point, CA

08/03/05      Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena, CA

08/02/05      Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, CA

08/01/05      Jewish CC, Los Angeles, CA

07/31/05      San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA

07/30/05      Rancho Cordova PL, Rancho Cordova, CA

07/30/05      "M" is for Mystery, San Mateo, CA

07/29/05      Pleasanton Public Library, Pleasanton, CA

07/27/05      Mississippi Pizza, Portland, OR

07/26/05      Woodstock Branch, Portland Library, Portland OR

07/26/05      Woodstock Branch, Portland Library, Portland OR

07/26/05      In Other Words, Portland, OR

07/25/05      Yes, Yes - Olympia, WA

07/24/05      University Bookstore, Seattle, WA

07/23/05      Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC

07/19/05      Kenwood Pk, Minneapolie, MN

07/18/05      Schwartz Bookstore, Milwaukee, WI

07/16/05      Borders, Mt. Prospect, IL

07/16/05      Borders, Mt. Prospect, IL

07/16/05      Borders, Mt. Prospect, IL

07/08/05      Staten Island Branch, NYPL, NY

07/07/05      Donnelly Branch, NYPL, NYC, NY

07/06/05      Norwood Public lIbrary

06/25/05      Milky Way, JP, MA

06/24/05      Burlington Library, Burlington, MA

06/23/05      Boston Public Library, Boston, MA

06/22/05      Harvard Public Library, Harvard, MA

06/22/05      Dorchester Library, MA

06/18/05      Cambridge River Fest, Cambridge, MA

06/17/05      Danvers Library, Danvers, MA

06/14/05      Hershey Public Library, Hershey, PA

06/13/05      Mac's Backs, Cleveland, OH

06/12/05      Women + Children First, Chicago, IL

06/08/05      Shaker HS, Latham, NY

06/02/05      Graham and Parks School, Cambridge, MA

05/14/05      Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA

05/07/05      Terrace Club, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

04/30/05      Matt's House, Woonsocket, RI

04/26/05      All Asia Café, Cambridge, MA

04/23/05      Bexley Hall, Beast Roast, MIT, Cambridge, MA

04/21/05      Holy Grounds Café, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT

04/15/05      RISD, Providence, RI

04/09/05      Lexington, MA - Birthday

04/07/05      Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

03/11/05      Fairbank Community Center, Sudbury, MA

03/10/05      AS220, Providence, RI

02/26/05      the Swan, Lonodon, UK

02/25/05      King's School, Chester, UK

02/24/05      Heav'n and Hell, Liverpool, UK

02/23/05      Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield, UK

02/21/05      the Phoenix, Manchester, UK

02/19/05      Mad caps, Milton Keynes, UK

02/19/05      Mad caps, Milton Keynes, UK

02/12/05      Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA


11/13/04      Kent Memorial Library, Sheffield, CT

11/13/04      Alpha Delta Phi, Wesleyan University, Middleton, CT

11/12/04      West Haven American Legion, West Haven, CT

11/05/04      Matt's House, Woonsocket, RI

10/29/04      Vassar University, Ferry House, Poughkeepsie, NY

10/26/04      Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA

10/25/04      Chum's Coffeehouse, Brandeis, Waltham, MA

10/17/04      Mt. Kisco Public Library, Mt. Kisco, NY

10/16/04      Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY

10/16/04      Amanda's dorm room - Hofstra University

10/15/04      Coolidge Corner Theatre - Brighton, MA

10/10/04      WBCN, Boston Emissions, Boston, MA

09/18/04      Milky Way, JP, MA

08/25/04      Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA

08/24/04      Carmichael's Bookstore - Louisville, KY

08/23/04      Smyrna Public Library, Smyrna, TN

08/22/04      Linebaugh Public Library, Murfreesboro, TN

08/21/04      3148 Althea Drive, house show, Columbus, GA

08/20/04      Frank Brown Park, Panama City Beach, FL

08/17/04      Waterford Pavillion, Dunwoody, GA

08/16/04      Dutch Fork Elementary - Irmo, SC

08/16/04      Richland Co. Public Library NE Branch, Columbia, SC

08/15/04      Greensboro Public Library, Greensboro, NC

08/14/04      Twinbrook Public Library, Rockville, MD

08/13/04      Queens Lake Clubhouse - Williamsburg, VA

08/12/04      Lower Providence Library, Eagleville, PA

08/03/04      Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA

07/31/04      Altoona Public Library, Altoona, PA

07/30/04      Mac's Backs, Cleveland, OH

07/28/04      Genesis House Coffeeshop, St. Louis, MO

07/27/04      Dusty Bookshelf, Lawrence, KS

07/26/04      Bemis Public Library, Littleton, CO

07/26/04      Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, Broomfield, CO

07/23/04      Steilacoom Community Center, Steilacoom, WA

07/22/04      Veloshop, Portland, OR

07/22/04      Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, OR

07/21/04      4126 N. Commercial house show - Portland, OR

07/20/04      University Bookstore, Seattle, WA

07/19/04      the Love Nest - Olympia, WA

07/17/04      El Sobrante Public Library, El Sobrante, CA

07/17/04      Becky MacGuire's house - San Anselmo, CA

07/16/04      San Francisco Public Library, SF, CA

07/16/04      826 Valencia, SF, CA

07/15/04      Chinatown Branch, Los Angeles, CA

07/15/04      house party - Isla Vista, CA

07/14/04      Sylmar Branch Library, Sylmar, CA

07/13/04      San Pedro Regional Library, San Pedro, CA

07/13/04      house party - Huntington Beach, CA

07/10/04      Boulder Public Library

07/08/04      Rachel's backyard - Manteno, IL

07/08/04      some country club type place - Saint Anne, IL

07/06/04      Women and Children First - Chicago, IL

07/05/04      Stubbs Park - Centerville, OH

07/01/04      Tabor Children's House - Doylestown, PA

06/30/04      Boston Public Library - Copley Sq.

06/28/04      Dorchester Branch of BPL

06/27/04      Sarah Stone's Party, Westwood, MA

06/25/04      Galvin Middle School, Canton, MA

06/23/04      Sandwich Public Library, Sandwich, MA

06/11/04      Callahan Elementary School, Norwood, MA

06/04/04      New England Aquarium IMAX

06/04/04      New England Aquarium IMAX

06/04/04      New England Aquarium IMAX

06/03/04      New England Aquarium IMAX

05/22/04      Birthday Party,  Winchester, MA

04/25/04      Lenape Middle School - Doylestown, PA

04/24/04      Rhinebeck, NY

04/23/04      Vassar University, Ferry House, Poughkeepsie, NY

03/26/04      Newton YMCA

03/12/04      Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA

02/19/04      Westwood Public Library, Westwood, MA


11/07/03      Borders - Marlborough, MA

09/28/03      the HOSS - 96 Chestnut Hill Ave #1, Brighton, MA

09/20/03      Hot Dog Jamboree - Braintree, MA

09/13/03      Norwood Day, Downtown Norwood, MA

08/28/03      Brighton Branch of BPL

08/26/03      Boston Public Library - Copley Sq.

08/11/03      Dorchester Branch of BPL

07/28/03      Charlestown Branch of BPL

07/14/03      Norwood Public Library

06/21/03      Borders - Chestnut Hill

06/21/03      Borders - Framingham, MA

06/21/03      Borders - Shrewsbury, MA

06/20/03      Borders - Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA

06/20/03      Borders - Braintree, MA

06/08/03      Stephen Vu's sister's graduation party


06/22/02      the Shed