The Enchanted Ceiling EP

by Harry and the Potters

Released July 7, 2007

The Enchanted Ceiling EP was released in Summer 2007 as part of the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club. We recorded it in March 2007 and our idea was to try and write and record as many songs as possible in a single weekend. Not all of these songs were actually written during that weekend though. The song "Harry Potter" was, in fact, written in the van on our very first tour 2004 during a drive from LA to San Francisco. And "Rockin’ at Hogwarts" was written even earlier (October 2003) and a demo of it was included on some floppy diskettes that we mailed out to a few people. But mostly, this was all written right around the time of recording. Anyway, there are 14 songs on this and the run-time is under 14 mintues. It’s fast! The cover art was features our mascot, Wandicorn, and was drawn by our friend Frak.

Harry and the Potters are Paul and Joe DeGeorge

Also appearing on “The Enchanted Ceiling”
Brad Mehlenbacher: drums

Original album artwork by Frankie Franco III and Michael Golembewski
Digital album artwork by Paul DeGeorge and Frankie Franco III
Mastered by Dan Brennan

CD pressing: 1000 copies, SOLD OUT

Available for purchase digitally.